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The Secondary Commodity Exchange

With increased demand for finite resources, the evolving need of a formal marketplace to facilitate the international trade of secondary commodities is escalating.

The establishment of an orderly market to shepherd transactions to successful completion on behalf of both the buyer and the seller provides a unique business opportunity.

A fully developed marketplace for the exchange of secondary commodities is comprised of two primary components, a Derivatives Market and a Spot Market.

The scope of the exchange includes anything scrap or used, including scrap metals, waste paper recovery, rubber & plastic recycling, wood and organic materials, by-products, waste materials, used or secondhand items, surplus inventories, used equipment, asset recovery, waste electronics & electrical equipment (WEEE).

The exchange can accomodate environmental emission credits (carbon trading) to offset carbon footprints. RecycleNet has established a program to recognize and reward companies for their recycling efforts, with Recycling Offset Credits ROCs.

If it is used or scrap it is

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